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Less than Minimum Wage for 9 years of slavery and rape

ell, 10 year old immigrants need to earn their way in the new economy like anyone else, arriving in a shipping container is irrelevant. A millionaire couple from Eccles (UK), Ilyas and Tallat Ashar were being investigated for money laundering … Continue reading

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Top ten Religious discoveries

rom Why Evolution Is True, a fine post by Mr. Coyne on the tussle for truth between religion and science. He provides several quotes from Sophisticated Theologians (coined by Coyne) which show them to be clearly making claims about reality. … Continue reading

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hat would Jesus’ safe word be? Resurrection?

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Trickle Down or Piss On?

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Phuq Tom Collins

en in dresses who live in glass cathedrals full of child rapists, their enablers and apologists shouldn’t throw stones. According to our newly minted Weergin in Red, who had barely donned his dress, Canada is: a society grown jaded in … Continue reading

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