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End the public funding of Bronze Age Bullies

e Souza in the Gnat Post, comes out of the closet confessional swinging at the Liberals seemingly ham-worded anti-bullying legislation. From what I’ve read, the schools, all publicly funded schools, have to accept whatever name the students come up with … Continue reading

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Alberta buys quackery @ $500/vote

estled amongst the initiatives outlined in the 2012 Alberta PC election platform is the following gem – ironally just before the “Eliminate Waste” section: Alternative medicine plays an increasingly important role in preventative health, and needs to be considered in … Continue reading

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Phuq Tom Collins

en in dresses who live in glass cathedrals full of child rapists, their enablers and apologists shouldn’t throw stones. According to our newly minted Weergin in Red, who had barely donned his dress, Canada is: a society grown jaded in … Continue reading

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