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Sophisticated Ham on Nye

ecently there was a televised debate between Bill Nye, The Science Guy and Creationist Museum founder Ken Ham over, what else, evolution. Watch it at the bottom if you dare. Ham The Man makes me want to throw things at … Continue reading

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Frankie goes to The Vatican

eet the new Pope, same as the old nipple headed bastard. A man who claims to have the ear of, and to speak for, the creator of the universe and yet, so humble in his infallibility. He takes the bus, … Continue reading

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Trickle Down or Piss On?

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Buddhist Brainfarts

y golly gosh, nirvana! I stumbled across this at Big Think and left a pithy comment that I’ll expand on here. As the original post is titled “How Buddhism Differs From Judeo-Christian Religions”, and the following are the first words … Continue reading

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