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Buddhist Brainfarts

y golly gosh, nirvana! I stumbled across this at Big Think and left a pithy comment that I’ll expand on here. As the original post is titled “How Buddhism Differs From Judeo-Christian Religions”, and the following are the first words … Continue reading

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The Dao of Dow

ow Marmur writes to enlighten and inform us of the significance of two Jewish holidays, Purim & Passover. Or With God on our side, redux. He opens like Henny Youngman – “They wanted to annihilate us. God saved us. Now … Continue reading

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Phuq Tom Collins

en in dresses who live in glass cathedrals full of child rapists, their enablers and apologists shouldn’t throw stones. According to our newly minted Weergin in Red, who had barely donned his dress, Canada is: a society grown jaded in … Continue reading

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Science is over my head, or in it

n the dead tree version of The Star, I ran across this completely credulous piece about acupuncture with a twist – a session performed in a kitchen between the chili and the pork roast. Online it has the title Trusting … Continue reading

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