Beers for the End of the World

Celtic-Attain enlightenment before it all ends with this brew from China called Lucky Buddha which comes in a very distinctive bottle.

luckybuddhabeer It also seems to come with some controversy along with little flavour and a slightly bitter finish.

Smouha Fabrics, owner of Lucky Drink Company of Australia, sent a letter to the Seattle microbrewery in May 2008 objecting the use of Laughing Buddha’s name, citing US trademark registrations for their Buddha-bottle design and the name “Lucky Buddha.” – Beervana(2009)

The blogger also got his panties in a twist over the “crass attempt to cash in on the ignorant misappropriation of a cultural/religious symbol” in a “racist” manner. Apparently, the Seattle brewery had more respect for Buddha when using his image to sell beer than the Australian beer mongers.

Funny thing is, this inoffensive, spectacularly average brew which might go down dangerously well on a hot day, is brewed and bottled by Cheerday Brewery, Chunan county, Zhejiang, China.

Given how China views Tibet, perhaps it’s brewed using dried Buddhist baby flesh.

nostradamus aleItal_Goth_See into the future after having a few of these Belgian beauties – Nostradamus.

I had one the other evening and it is as good looking in the glass as it is tasty. Rich flavour and finish without the medicinal taste some high alcohol beers have. This label shows 9.5%, but mine had only 9%. Regardless, prognostication will be pricey at almost $24 per six 330ml bottles and a predicted nasty hangover.

And to play us out as the world burns:

See ya next time

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