How do Mormons get into Heaven?

Illuminated V 14th C_sery carefully it would seem. I stumbled into this convenient Mormon Flow Chart for Your Soul over at Molly Muses… She’s an apostate of that cult and has some fun with their convoluted process of becoming a god Celestial Bully in your own right.

Molly has a post aboot the comments received over the year since she put the chart up. They range from helpful in pointing out minor errors or omissions to congratulatory. Molly’s graphic really is quite good. Quelle surprise, the responses to the chart from those still indoctrinated in the cult of Mormon lend an appropriate title to the piece – How to Discredit an Apostate.


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  1. Rugrat says:

    God-damn that is a long flowchart! I didn’t make it all the way to the end… I got stuck “doing my hair”.

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