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our Large Intoxicated Mayor has plenty at home

and our Large Intoxicated Mayor has plenty at home

F_capollow Ford’s follies by clicking on the pic to read a nice, sad overview @ NOW. I almost fell for his populist rants, but ended up voting for one of the “unknown unknowns” type of candidates we get with every election. Ford reminded me of Mike Harris and I said to Mrs. K. “Watch Ford turn out to be like Mike Harris on crack.” Who knew? A coupla days ago, we heard a helicopter cruising the neighbourhood and Mrs. K. quips “They’re chasing Ford through the Creek.” The Etobicoke Creek, and the maggots were at it again the next morning.

I dropped by a local bar (now closed) one night 10 years ago and ran into some people I knew with a stranger at the table. He was drunk when I got there and had three beers in 45 minutes before wobbling off in a drunken stupor to drive home. A detective on the force. My brother once sold car insurance. “Don’t bring me cops”, he says, “they don’t get busted for DUIs”…

So, covering for our Large Intoxicated Mayor isn’t much of a stretch.

A city employee at Etobicoke City Hall a coupla years ago told me His Wooziness spends a lot of time at his office there, FWIW.

Toronto's Highest Magistrate in so many ways

Sideshow Rob, Toronto’s Highest Magistrate in so many ways

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