Sylvia Browne dies, as she foresaw, @ 77


Old N2ope. Wrong again Sylvia. In May 2003, the woman with great psychic powers told Larry King she’d join The Great Celestial Bully after her 88th birthday. I’m sure her marks fans will take this miss as a hit by glomming on to the numerical pairs 77 v 88. Incredibly gifted, eh?

Sylvia’s great power was in conning people, like Montel Williams, while often being spectacularly wrong despite her claimed 85% accuracy. Along with her prognostifail aboot her own demise, we have the following tiny sampling of her BS:

  • “Of the 115 [criminal] cases reviewed with LexisNexis and newspaper sources, Browne was wrong in twenty-five, and the remaining ninety either have no available details outside of the transcript or the crime is unsolved, leaving no way to confirm Browne’s claims.”
  • “During the Sago Mining Disaster, she claimed the miners were alive when they were actually dead. She also said Richard Kneebone was alive in Canada, but his decomposed body was discovered a few days later in California. More recently, she predicted that a 9/11 firefighter was alive, but his body was found in the World Trade Center rubble two weeks later.”
  • “In 1999, Browne did a reading for Opal Jo Jennings’ grandmother, who wanted to know what happened to Jennings, a six-year-old abducted from her front yard in Texas. Browne told the grandmother, “She’s . . . not . . . dead. But what bothers me—now I’ve never heard of this before, but for some reason, she was taken and put into some kind of a slavery thing and taken into Japan. The place is Kukouro. Or Kukoura.

    Browne was wrong. Child molester Richard Lee Franks was charged with the kidnapping that same year and convicted the following year. Jennings’ remains were discovered in 2003. Medical examiners concluded that Opal was killed by trauma to the head with[in] several hours of her abduction.

She preyed on grief-stricken people in mourning @ $2400 per hour. The witch deserved a dunking as per Exodus 22:18.

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