A fitting song for Pope Frank, Time’s Person of the Year

Copyright Universal Uclick.

Copyright Universal Uclick.

Illumi_Pope Franco is also hiding Cardinal Law from prosecution for his role in aiding and abetting child rapists in Massachusetts. This Holey Man of the One True Faith, not only knew of the rapes, he helped cover up the crimes while giving the rapists fresh victims in new hunting grounds.

“The evidence speaks for itself: Last spring, Law admitted in a deposition that he was aware that John Geoghan had reportedly raped at least seven young boys in 1984 yet nevertheless approved the transfer of Geoghan to another parish, working with other boys. Other documents revealed that Law similarly knew of and ignored decades of reported child abuse by Paul Shanley, placing Shanley in ministries with access to other children. Shanley is currently facing trial on 10 charges of child rape and six counts of indecent assault and battery. Law is jetting back and forth to Rome.”

Then there’s Pope Frank’s role in the Argentine Dirty War from ’76 to ’83. There’s lots of talk that he fingered dissidents for the military… while other professional Catholics were fingering children for fun. There’s a grapevine in every corporation, even those that sell salvation.

Humble? More like PR savvy.

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