Less than Minimum Wage for 9 years of slavery and rape


ell, 10 year old immigrants need to earn their way in the new economy like anyone else, arriving in a shipping container is irrelevant.

A millionaire couple from Eccles (UK), Ilyas and Tallat Ashar were being investigated for money laundering when the girl was discovered on a cot in their cellar.

The trading standards staff searching the home quickly learned the girl was unable to communicate and had her sheltered where caregivers found her to be illiterate and deaf. The perfect servant and sperm receptacle.

The judge in the case apparently had no difficulty in ensuring the heinous couple repaid their ill gotten &#163 42,000 from benefits fraud and the &#163 342,000 costs of the trial. He did have issues with determining how to compensate the poor girl for 3287 days of torture.

The learned magistrate turned to Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act which is used to take the toys away from drug kingpins. When I read this, I thought, “Oh yeah he’s gonna nail these sick phuqqes in the only place that matters to them.” But, no.

Under this Act, he calculated the value of the work slavery and rapes she was made to endure and came up with &#163 100,000 as compensation. The judge based this on minimum wage, of course, 7 days a week for 12 hours a day. You’re a slave 24/7/365 but, only slaving away working for 12 hours.

Anyhoo, based on the Canukistani minimum wage of $11/hr the poor girl would have earned $11 x 12hrs x 365dys or $48,180/yr. After nine years of “employment”, her vagina would have earned a wee more than $433,620Cdn with leap years. Although those may have been her days off, no play no pay. The defense actually tried to have the slave girl’s room and board deducted from her reward.

At current exchange rates a British Pound is $1.81Cdn, which translates her pay into $181,000Cdn. That’s roughly 2.5 times less in wages for slavery and rape. It’s just cookin, cleanin and doin her wifely duties, right? What assholes lawyers can be.

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