He’s dead Jim


Illumi_Leonard Nimoy passed away last week @ 83 from COPD AKA emphysema despite giving up cancer sticks 30 years ago. Good thing cigarettes are no longer sold for their tax revenue.

Best known for breathing life into the character of Spock from Star Trek, he was also the host of the cheesy In search of… and replaced Martin Landau on Mission Impossible after Landau moved on to greener pastures in the cheesy, but well produced Space 1999 with his then wife Barbara Bain.


Like Le Shat, he at first tried to distance himself from the character but later realized the value of his work probably due to the immense popularity of the show which inspired many to follow careers in science or the space program. It is one of the reasons I gravitated to computers.

Nimoy was a man of many talents, writing, photography and, like Shatner, released an LP with a type of “singing” of then popular tunes and classics like “I Walk the Line”, “Both Sides Now” and including – “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”:

He also directed several movies including Star Trek IV and Three Men and a Baby, both of which I quite enjoyed.

The first and best Vulcan, he lived long and prospered.

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