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Frankie goes to The Vatican

eet the new Pope, same as the old nipple headed bastard. A man who claims to have the ear of, and to speak for, the creator of the universe and yet, so humble in his infallibility. He takes the bus, … Continue reading

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Pope Palpatine, pussy person?

ne of the things breathlessly repeated aboot the outgoing child-rapist-enabler-in-chief is that he favours felines. Ironic how a man so afraid of pussy, likes cats.

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El Popo Ratzo Retires

Do you want to serve humanity but don’t know what to do? Do you have a booming voice and an archaic point of view? Do you love big books of fairy tales and tend to think they’re true? Then come … Continue reading

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Beers for the End of the World

ttain enlightenment before it all ends with this brew from China called Lucky Buddha which comes in a very distinctive bottle. It also seems to come with some controversy along with little flavour and a slightly bitter finish. Smouha Fabrics, … Continue reading

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Guns, guns, guns… again

f course, this latest in a long line of carnage stretching back to the mid 1800s is being exploited for personal and political gain by the usual suspects trotting out the usual tripe aboot doG in schools and doG’s plan. … Continue reading

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Free Sanal Edamaruku Part Deux

ronze Age bullying continues in India as authorities waste police resources to bust Mr. Edamaruku. Police twice visited his home to make an arrest for blaspheming the Catholic Church. Here’s the video of the TV encounter where Edamaruku shows the … Continue reading

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